jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

Crime in the city

In the picture of the bank, the robber is comming the crime. He is taking the money and running. After that the police man is making some questions to the criminal abaut the crimen, them the robber is making a cofession. He broke the law and finally, the police man is arresting him and crimen was solved


*Reduce the use of toxins and pollutants
*Leads to buy a cloth bag or cart
*Reduces the use of aluminum foil
*Reduce energy consumption and water
*Use paper on both sides

the cola cola and my house

Buy my house much coca cola. We all know is bad for health, but still buy it. My mom used for water bottles. And thus give other use bottle.

martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

I like the foot

The food is rich in minerals and protehinas to help us be strong
There are ways to eat difrentes
May be. crunchy or bland.
They can also be juicy or oily-

I love food, they are so delicious, I not like the food raw, I like the healthy but i like the sweet

When I was at school

At school i had many friends. We were all very close. Always when a watch a movie. The most studied together from small. We graduated in 2006. The school was my best time

People in my live